Monitor Facebook – parents are now reading along

It can no longer be denied that Facebook has become a very popular meeting place. It starts in childhood at around 8 years old and continues into old age. Family members live far apart and so it has become easier to share pictures and information via Facebook. With your own children, it’s a completely different issue.

Often, children don’t know what data they are allowed to publish about themselves without fearing personal consequences. Parents want to take back control, and that includes the issue of monitoring Facebook.

Which mobile app can read Facebook without logging in and replay the conversations in the chat afterwards? Through our product test of mSpy, FlexiSPY, Spyera and Realtime-Spy, we can recommend the appropriate app that can control Facebook Messenger, among other things. In the product comparison at, you will find a detailed feature overview of some apps.

Children are alone in the Word Wide Web

facebook monitoring appsAlmost every day there are press reports in the media when it comes to cyber bullying. Time and again, children are affected because the appropriate media skills have not yet been learned. For example, if the child has uploaded an embarrassing picture to Facebook and is now withdrawing socially and academically, all alarm bells should go off for parents. Before the child gets into this situation, parents should monitor Facebook ahead of time to have a clarifying conversation about data protection and privacy.

What can it look like when parents monitor Facebook. The provider of mSpy offers a personal user account that shows exactly and in detail the uploaded information. Check out a free demo of mSpy here:

Procedure – Installation

In order for parents to monitor Facebook, the app mSpy should be installed on the target device first. From this point, the recording of the conversations on Facebook begins. The stored data can be viewed at any time using a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari). After ordering mSpy, a personal user account with password comes via email. With this data, parents are able to access the transferred information 24 hours a day.

The child goes home after school and texts on Facebook or WhatsApp for about 3 hours instead of doing homework and studying for school. Parents can immediately detect this addictive behavior with WhatsApp Tracking and put a stop to it. In addition to the Monitor Facebook feature, mSpy offers many other features, such as Monitor SMS.

Parents together have made the decision to monitor the Facebook conversations of their offspring. The first step is taken to see if everything is okay or there is reason for concern. Installing mSpy on the phone is simple, as can be seen in the video. The manufacturer also offers an installation service that is done remotely. The important thing here is that the smartphone is in close proximity for use.

Children and growing teenagers spend a lot of time on social networks every day. Internet addiction can no longer be ruled out in many children. Even the connection to depression can no longer be ruled out. Among other things, social, psychological and health problems arise.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Co., has been confirmed by studies, can be addictive when used regularly. Many children can no longer get any rest, literally falling asleep with their cell phones under their pillows to check their status online in the middle of the night. It’s no longer legal. For some families, it gets to the point where

  • the house is not on good terms
  • school performance goes into the basement
  • the threat of depression

Parents can prevent this by installing the monitoring app mSpy on their cell phone or PC. Dangers are contained and the learning process for online media between parent and child is activated and improved.

Why do you need an app to monitor Facebook?

monitor FacebookCurrently, people are taking security measures to ensure the safety of our children and our business. Every day we humans are exposed to dangers. With proper prevention, a company can continue to grow or our children can stay healthy, happy and grow up without fear.

Monitor Facebook: how can the mSpy app help?

The software technology of this Facebook monitoring tool helps employers and parents to keep an eye on what is most important. With the help of mSpy monitoring app for Facebook, everyday worries are reduced. The energy gained is now spent on becoming more successful in business and even better parents.

With the help of monitoring app for Facebook you can find out:

  • what my kids are doing when I’m not around.
  • find out why the child can not sleep.
  • with whom the children have
  • what location they are in.
  • what websites they are reading on.
  • whether there is a risk of theft
  • how my employees are being productive.

Employers should trust that a Facebook monitoring app is the optimal tool to check employees’ trustworthiness. Here, the following is still important to keep in mind:

  • Prior consent from employees, due to monitoring activity.
  • Limit monitoring to purely operational activities.

What should you consider before buying?

Which operating system is running on the target phone to ensure compatibility. Please note the following important information for use in Germany: our recommended software products have monitoring functions that require the permission of the persons to be monitored.

Which devices are compatible with the surveillance app for Facebook?

  • Android, IPhone, Blackberry and Symbian
  • Monitoring tools for Facebook with logging
  • A monitoring app for Facebook gives you the insight into the sources of problems and dangers for your children or for your business, even before any damage occurs!

How does the monitoring tool for Facebook work?

It’s almost always the same principle. The monitoring tool for Facebook is installed on the cell phone and the logged data is sent to the mSpy server. Using any popular Internet browser, information of the phone to be monitored, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, MMS, EMails, conversations, photos and the current location of the phone can be retrieved. Thus, you are not tied to one place, but are mobile through remote monitoring.nThe monitoring tool for Facebook can give you all the information you need after installation. It is easy to use and has very many functions. For employers and parents, it is a very good monitoring tool.

Here are a few things you may not have known:

  • Almost 43% of children have been victims of cyber bullying.
  • Only 1 in 10 victims of cyber bullying tell parents.
  • Bullying victims have a higher incidence of suicidal thoughts!
  • Used properly, safety software like the monitoring tool for Facebook can protect your child and keep life-threatening dangers away from them!

Today’s children live a lot in the virtual world

However, the dangers they face on the Internet are many and varied! You would hardly leave a child alone with a stranger for hours. Why make an exception in the virtual world? A child is exposed to dangers and temptations without protection

What are the experiences?

Some parents who have used the monitoring tool for Facebook have shared with us their experiences that a child alone on the Internet is defenselessly exposed to a plethora of dangers and seductions. These include: Extremism, cyber bullying, sexual advances and quite a few more! Only parents who have a stake in their children’s virtual activities can effectively protect them from these dangers. Those who have children of their own quickly learn how important it is to always be two steps ahead of the kids!

So, is it legal to use Facebook monitoring tools to supervise children? The answer is yes! Log of conversations on Facebook of employees. Automatic acquisition of data on work behavior. If an employee resells sensitive company data to competitors, the employer is immediately aware of it and can put a stop to it. You may be concerned that if a company monitors computer and cell phone activity, an employee could take legal action against the measure? No, because the law is clearly on your side if the following is adhered to:

  • Employees must agree to the monitoring and sign a written consent.
  • What company online use is desired.
  • Limit monitoring purely to company activities.

Important Notice:

Monitoring Tools for Facebook helps parents to supervise their children as well as companies to control corporate IT usage. Monitoring tools for Facebook are designed to protect children and increase employee productivity.

Is spying on Facebook messages possible?

Yes, it is possible, but you should be aware that spying on personal data is illegal and violates privacy rights. If you are caught doing so, you may be charged.

Can I read Facebook without logging in?

Yes, this is possible. With the cell phone monitoring app, all chat conversations from Facebook or WhatsApp, among others, are recorded and saved. Thus, parents can read any communication. Even if a message has been deleted, it will be uploaded to the personal user account.

Is it possible to read Facebook Messenger for free?

If you decide to use a free spy app to monitor Facebook on your phone, you should rather do without this service. If nothing has to be paid for the free app, then you will probably pay with your personal data, which will be sent automatically and quite secretly to the manufacturer. We do not recommend installing a free app on your phone so that you can spy on Facebook Messenger.

Spying on Facebook Messenger, is it legal?

The people to be monitored must be informed about it and agree with the cell phone control. Those who do not comply with this law can be reported to the police and face a fine. If a person is spying on Facebook Messenger from someone else’s cell phone, then reading along is illegal. Please think about it beforehand if the idea comes to read private Facebook messages of others or to perform a hack on the Facebook account of friends.

Monitor Facebook – parents are now reading along
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