Your fingerprint on the web says almost everything about you

Cookies are a familiar concept to most Internet users. Online fingerprinting (also called device fingerprinting), on the other hand, is still largely unknown – and yet it’s a method that’s very popular with marketers. That’s because fingerprint tracking works where cookie tracking is limited. This article explains what fingerprinting is and how you can protect […]

Browser fingerprinting – What is it and how can I protect myself?

You are not like the others. You are unique. What sounds like a harmless, albeit cliché-laden motivational slogan can take on a threatening undertone in a discussion about data protection on the Internet. Because the uniqueness of your identity makes you vulnerable: To advertisers, data traders and abusers. Your personal fingerprint on the web makes […]

Your digital fingerprint

When you use services from the Internet, you leave behind a so-called digital fingerprint. This fingerprint makes it possible to identify you and, if necessary, to recognize you when you use a service again. The methods used for this are the Internet protocol, various forms of cookies, the historical data in browsers or so-called canvas […]

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