Your fingerprint on the web says almost everything about you

Cookies are a familiar concept to most Internet users. Online fingerprinting (also called device fingerprinting), on the other hand, is still largely unknown – and yet it’s a method that’s very popular with marketers. That’s because fingerprint tracking works where cookie tracking is limited. This article explains what fingerprinting is and how you can protect […]

Browser fingerprinting – What is it and how can I protect myself?

You are not like the others. You are unique. What sounds like a harmless, albeit cliché-laden motivational slogan can take on a threatening undertone in a discussion about data protection on the Internet. Because the uniqueness of your identity makes you vulnerable: To advertisers, data traders and abusers. Your personal fingerprint on the web makes […]

Your digital fingerprint

When you use services from the Internet, you leave behind a so-called digital fingerprint. This fingerprint makes it possible to identify you and, if necessary, to recognize you when you use a service again. The methods used for this are the Internet protocol, various forms of cookies, the historical data in browsers or so-called canvas […]

Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Providers

Cloud Hosting – Advantages, Disadvantages And Offers Cloud hosting has become the talk of the town and is becoming more and more popular. What cloud hosting exactly is, what advantages and disadvantages it brings with it and what you should pay attention to, I will explain in the following. I will also present the current […]

CyberGhost Review 2021

CyberGhost VPN is a free virtual private network that offers the most important features that such a service must have – without any unnecessary extras. In the following, I’ll tell you about my CyberGhost experience. VPN provides secure connections on insecure channels Almost nothing works without networks anymore. Whether it’s a well-established intranet within a […]

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