The EZFingerPrints How To Guide on Owning / Operating your own Fingerprint Background Check Business

Why we Love the Livescan Business and You should too!

14 July

At EZFingerPrints, we offer Level 2 FBI background checks and fingerprinting services for employment, adoptions, and foster care, business licenses, and more. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we provide accurate, secure, fingerprints quickly and easily for a broad range of individual customers and businesses.

There is no doubt in recent years, America has become more and more security-conscious. Today, not only do most employers get background checks on job applicants, countless large organizations, including school systems and hospitals, are required by state and federal law to do so.

EZFingerPrints is an exciting opportunity in a RAPIDLY GROWING market

As an EZFingerPrints Member, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of the soaring $4 billion livescan background check screening industry. It’s a market experiencing explosive growth, filling a critical need in an increasingly security-conscious world. EZFingerPrints takes advantage of the fast-growing state and federal livescan background check requirements for a wide variety of occupations, which means it has an immense potential customer base.

Our model is designed to attract large repeat customers – think hospitals and school systems – making it much easier to build your local business. In addition, EZFingerPrints is a recession-resistant business. In fact, especially in challenging times, the possibility of fraud is out there, making livescan fingerprinting services essential, in a challenging economy and no matter what the future brings.

  • About 93% of employers conduct criminal background checks on some applicants. And 73% of employers conduct background checks on all applicants.
  • Livescan Fingerprinting of job applicants has skyrocketed. In 2000, about 6.6 million sets of fingerprints were sent to the FBI. Today, that number is up to more than 25 million.
  • Almost half of more than 3,100 hiring managers surveyed report they’ve caught a job candidate lying on his or her resume.
  • Resume fraud alone costs employers an estimated $600 billion a year.

If you are looking for a business with a low investment and a high return, call us today!