The EZFingerPrints How To Guide on Owning / Operating your own Fingerprint Background Check Business

Our featured article in the Gulf Coast Business Observer

01 July

Gulf Coast Business Observer

I am very excited and proud to announce our featured article in the Gulf Coast Business Observer. At EZFingerPrints we have worked very hard to build our business and become the leader in Livescan Fingerprint Background Checks. As our business continues to grow our goal is to become a one stop shop for all of your background check needs.

To help serve the needs of all of our members we have done the following….

  • EZFingerPrints Membership Program –  offers a membership service that gives you all the equipment, training, software and knowledge you need to start a background check and drug testing business. If you are starting your business from scratch this is the way to get it going!!
  • EZFingerPrints Software – Do you have the equipment, but need software to make your life easier? We offer a Comprehensive Point of Sale System: Which includes an Easy-to-Use Customer Management Module, Integrated Credit Card Processing Available, Extensive Business Reporting Features, Scheduling Software, and AHCA Photo Submission software.
  • EZFingerPrints Courses – For owners who already operate a fingerprint background check business and are struggling to get the numbers you want. Our turn key processes and systems are the same tools that we use everyday to provide stellar customer service and drive sales!

The result of countless hours of research was an innovative yet simple system, which soon evolved into the EZFingerPrints Membership concept. And the concept quickly extended beyond the state of Florida providing convenient and efficient tools to owners of  businesses and organizations throughout the country.

No matter how great a business concept is, a well-conceived and cohesive marketing strategy is necessary for the success of the business. At EZFingerPrints we make your job as business owner a little bit easier. Let us show you how!

The time and money you invest in yourself will return to you in the form of confident, efficient staff and happy, loyal customers.