Background Check Questions & Answers:


What will I receive as a member of the EZFingerPrints system?

To get your fingerprint background check business started, we will provide you with pre-opening, corporate-based training. EZFingerPrints representatives will also assist you remotely (via phone and Internet), in your initial months of business operations. As a member, you will have access to all EZFingerPrints, equipment, products, and procedures. We’ll also present you with a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your fingerprint background check business properly on a day-to-day basis.

Is EZFingerPrints a Franchise?

No, EZFingerprints is not a fingerprint background check franchise. Being a member gives you access to a full set of instructions, but you get to operate how you want. You determine the pricing. You set your own hours. Do it full-time or part-time, as a dedicated business or as part of other services you offer. You’re in charge running your fingerprint background check business your way.

What are the benefits of being an EZFingerPrints Member?

We take the guess work out of starting a background check business. We enable you to set up and start doing background checks almost immediately. Whether you are looking for an additional revenue source in your current business or starting a background check business on your own. EZFingerPrints offers you turn key tools to run your business fast and easy to start turning a profit as soon as possible. Our membership services allow you grow your business faster and generate more money freeing up your time from all of the additional labor associated with marketing and other sales initiatives.

How much will the EZFingerPrints membership cost me?

An EZFingerPrints membership is estimated to cost $21,000. This investment amount includes everything you need to get a fingerprint background check business off the ground and turning a profit. We also have a two tiered monthly membership program to support you in growing your fingerprint background check business.

How big is the background check industry?

As an EZFingerPrints Member, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of the soaring $4 billion background check screening industry.  It’s a market experiencing explosive growth, filling a critical need in an increasingly security-conscious world. EZFingerPrints takes advantage of the fast-growing state and federal background check requirements for a wide variety of occupations, which means it has an immense potential customer base.

Can this business be operated from home?

Yes, we do offer a mobile business concept, enabling members to work from home. You’ll require a vehicle to transport your EZFingerPrints equipment: computer hardware, software and fingerprint reader along with a smart phone. You will be able to conduct fingerprinting sessions for multiple employees or individuals at the appropriate client site, whether a school, clinic, office, or other location. As your business grows you can even add a fixed location or walk-in business. Our corporate team will be there to guide you through the entire process – helping you launch and grow your business.


How do I get started?

If you’re interested in finding out more about an EZFingerPrints Membership, click here to request more information about our program. Or you can contact us at 727-259-2010 or admin@ezfingerprints.com to discuss the possibility of setting up a visit to view our operations, speak with an EZFingerPrints representative.

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