The EZFingerPrints How To Guide on Owning / Operating your own Fingerprint Background Check Business

Customers of Fingerprint Business

13 June

Who are the customers of a fingerprint business?

We always educate our members to find a niche and target those industries with a laser like focus. At EZFingerPrints we do not try to be a master at all things. Over the years as our business has grown we have added more and more expertise in other industries, but our bread and butter comes from the Healthcare Industry. In our local market, one of the largest employer basis is the healthcare. It only makes sense that would pick that as our primary source of customers. My favorite thing about the healthcare sector is that it has a very high turnover rate, which leads to many background checks being processed throughout the year.

 According to the Private Duty Insider Report published by Home Care Pulse the average turnover in the Home Health sector has steadily increased from 2009 to 2014. In 2014 the average home health care agency had 61.6% turnover. In our local area there are over 100 home health care companies. As the aging population continues to increase, the amount of home care agencies opening will also increase. There are already dozens of home health franchises in the market today. As this market continues to grow EZFingerPrints will be well positioned to service these customers with specific healthcare background checks.

Whether you are starting or currently operating a fingerprint business, you should be well versed in the wants and demands of your largest customer base. Understanding your competitive advantages can be a key differentiator in separating you from your competition in the fingerprint business.

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