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Why an EZFingerPrints Background Check Business

27 December

Why an EZFingerPrints Background Check Business? Easy and Convenient We give our customers a variety of ways to schedule an appointment, including online. They can have their fingerprints taken at the employer’s location or a third party site. And members with a fixed address can accommodate walk-in customers. To start, each person needs a valid […]

Ohio Fingerprint Business

19 December

Did you know in Ohio, the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) regularly processes about a million Ohio fingerprint background checks a year?   Many public and private employers require fingerprint background checks for employment purposes. Ohio State law mandates that schools, day care centers, health care facilities, and others require such fingerprint […]

New Member Locations

16 December

New Member Locations EZFINGERPRINTS GROWS ITS’ MEMBER NETWORK EZFingerPrints is proud to announce that we have new members within our network. Our new member locations are in Winter Haven, Vero Beach, and Jacksonville. Click here to find a location near you! EZFingerPrints provides Level 2 FBI background checks and drug testing services for employment, adoptions, foster […]

Membership Support

14 December

When you become an EZFingerPrints Member, you can count of hands-on support every step of the way, including: Training – comprehensive training in critical areas including operations, equipment use and management, customer service, technology updates, marketing, and more. Ongoing Support – being a member includes coaching and membership support on an array of topics such […]

How to Start a Background Check Business

07 December

Owning your own background check business is a great cost effective way to earn more money. The investment level is low and the opportunity is high! Read the steps below to learn how to start a background check business. So how do you start a background check business?   Step 1: Check with your state to […]

8 Reasons Why Our Customers Love EZFingerPrints

02 December

Our product is easier to buy. Our customers hate futzing around with complicated fingerprint appointment systems and payment options. We enable our customers to walk in whenever they want with no appointment necessary. We even can come to your location to make things convenient for customers to get their fingerprint background check completed. We accept […]

History of EZFingerPrints Background Check Business

22 November

At EZFingerPrints, we offer Level 2 FBI Background checks and fingerprinting services for employment, adoptions and foster care, business licenses, and more. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we provide accurate, secure fingerprints quickly and easily for a broad range of individual customers and businesses. There is no doubt that in recent years, America has become […]

Florida Fingerprint Business

15 November

The Florida legislature requires home care workers to undergo a new fingerprint background check at least once every five years after they are hired to comply with state laws!!! EZFingerPrints offers a Florida fingerprint business membership service that gives you all the equipment, training, software and knowledge you need to start a background check business. […]

Fingerprint Background Check Opportunity

10 November

One of the most exciting things about an EZFingerPrints Membership is that you’ll have the opportunity to be apart of the soaring $4 billion background screening industry. It is a market experiencing explosive growth filling a critical need in an increasingly security-conscious world. EZFingerPrints takes advantage of this fingerprint background check opportunity for a wide […]