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Background Checks Work!

02 November

Level 2 FBI Background Checks Work


One Customer’s Story of Success


Last week I received a call from one of our long time customers. She called, thanking me because she received an email from the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) saying that one of her employees has been arrested. She was grateful for EZFingerPrints and processing their Level 2 FBI Background Checks. As much as I want to take credit for removing someone who has been arrested from inside a clients home. The credit all goes to AHCA and the Clearinghouse.

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The email above is apart of a proactive system through the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse requires an employer of persons subject to screening by a specified agency must register with the Clearinghouse and maintain the employment status of all employees/contractors within the Clearinghouse. The requirement of adding an employee/contractor to your employee/contractor roster allows for you to receive important arrest and criminal registration notifications. Which gives businesses the ability to remove employees who have been arrested from time with clients.

Background checks never prevent first time offenders, but it was not until the Clearinghouse came into effect that we have had a proactive system. If you only offer basic background checks you have to continually screen them year after year to see if your employees committed any criminal offenses. Thanks to Level 2 FBI Background checks and the AHCA Clearinghouse emails like this are being sent to companies statewide, removing criminals from the workplace and keeping customers safe.

More and more government agencies are going into the Clearinghouse. It is important that you have processes in place to protect your customers and your brand.