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In today’s changing world, background checks and drug testing are required more and more frequently. In fact, there are a growing number of industries and professions that by law must have fingerprinting and drug testing conducted on a regular basis.

Being an EZFingerPrints Member gives you an effective way to start your own fingerprint business:

  • Fingerprinting services are done for a variety of legal reasons and for a broad range of occupations, including those in healthcare, education, child and senior care, criminal justice, professional services, government agencies, and many more. Many of these occupations are legally required by state and federal laws to have fingerprinting done.
  • About 25 million sets of fingerprints are currently sent to the FBI each year (up dramatically from 6.6 million sets in 2000)!
  • It’s no surprise, then, that the fingerprint business and background screening industry has grown to $4 billion.

As a member and fingerprint business owner, you can offer a convenient, streamlined, and effective way for a wide variety of clients and employees to get these highly-needed and often required fingerprinting services done. If you are a current business owner in a complementary field, such as senior care, childcare, or other business with high volume staff fingerprinting and background check requirements, opening your own fingerprint business can also be a great opportunity for you. Not only can you bring your fingerprinting services in–house, you can offer them to other companies and organizations in your community!

  • As a start up, you can operate your fingerprint business with confidence, knowing you are supported by an experienced team.
  • Have a listing on our website driving traffic to your location.
  • Scheduling software that sends appointments directly to your inbox.
  • Custom direct mailing letters ready to launch to your prospects to bring in more business.
  • Custom monthly email marketing campaigns to all of your current and prospect customers.
  • Advertising campaigns and materials.
  • Yearly Marketing Plan.
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