The EZFingerPrints How To Guide on Owning / Operating your own Fingerprint Background Check Business

Background Check Competitive Advantages

21 May

There is always a high need for volunteers within nonprofit organizations. Human capital is one of, if not the main lifeline for volunteer based organizations. However, Level 2 FBI Volunteer Background Checks has provided a new hurdle for organizations to get new people thru their doors. This complex law requirement has been a pain for many organizations. That is until EZFingerPrints came along.


EZFingerPrints makes meeting this regulation with ease, by simplifying the process and being a partner for businesses and community organizations alike. We offer mobile services enabling us to come to your location. Many of our customers have us coming on out on a weekly or monthly basis during their orientations to get their new hires/volunteers screened.


EZFingerPrints has the ability the ability to do large volume jobs and can even invoice. Often times our larger corporate businesses appreciate the convenience and option to have corporate pay for their background checks instead at the time of sale. Our point of sale system enables us to customize billing options for all of our customers. We can accept cash, checks, or credit cards on site and even produce invoices. Our advanced technology even allows us to email invoices and receipts on the spot.  When it comes to choice and flexibility there is no business that can make it easier!


Often times a background check is not the only pre-hire screening needed. EZFingerPrints is a full service organization with the ability to do drug testing too. Through our software system we can do over the phone drug testing and even schedule orders while you are getting your fingerprint background check done. Corporate customers and businesses love the convenience of dealing with one vendor and having everything be billed on one invoice. No more having to manage different companies, different labs, different quality control issues. EZFingerPrints is a one stop shop for all your pre-hire needs.


Building a relationship with your customer is most important thing any business can do. EZFingerPrints understands this and has built in tools to help manage customers and see where your best customers are and who needs to be followed up with. Within our point of sale system includes a customer relationship process. We can track how many background checks/drug tests we have processed for each company/business. We can also track what industries we are growing in such as liquor licenses and restaurants.


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